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Heartland Arts invites you to become part of the Medici Project.


The Medici Project provides avenues of artistic stimulation, enrichment and opportunities through the professional direction and/or exposure of qualified artists to empower the lives of children.


Levels of support offer potential opportunities for exposure to an art discipline in which a child may show interest, talent and motivation. Through the recommendation of teachers or mentors, the applicant must meet the values and criteria within a level of support.


This level of support is driven by a teacher or mentor who might identify a talented student who could benefit from lessons to see if the student would prosper from such tutoring. For example, a choir teacher might be working with a music student she thinks should explore learning to play the piano.


Funds would be available to support an existing student for a term/semester, if there were financial difficulties prohibiting continued lessons. For example a dance teacher might have a talented, motivated student who does not have the funds to continue classes and/or afford to participate in the final performance dances.


This could involve many possibilities to support a young person’s artistic growth. These might include financial support for a talented student to attend a workshop, performance or special event.


To insure the artistic development of our youth

Please consider partnering with Heartland Arts to support the success of the Medici Project and its opportunities to benefit talented youth for years to come.


Monetary, tax-deductible donations may be sent to the Medici Project, Heartland Arts, P.O. Box 702, Park Rapids, MN 56470.


Other funding comes from:
The Nancy Tague Memorial Fund
The Medici Project’s seed money is part of the Nancy Tague Memorial Fund. Nancy was a public school art teacher, a Park Rapids City Council member, a “Picture Lady” and active member of the North Country Museum of Arts (now Nemeth Art Center), a founding member of Heartland Arts and a weaver.


Region 2 Arts Council
Heartland Arts received a grant from the Region 2 Arts Council to “incubate” new projects in order to have, among many other things, a positive, economic impact on communities through the Arts.


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Heartland Arts invites you to become part of the Medici Project

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