How to Contribute

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Since 2005, Heartland Arts (formerly Park Rapids Lakes Area Arts Council) has relied on arts and cultural organizations, project champions and grants to support our efforts. In addition to our goals of coordinating arts calendars, sharing information and incubating interest in new arts projects, Heartland Arts has sponsored 12 projects in a variety of arts disciplines: dance, music, visual arts, etc. Some projects have been one-time events, like the recently completed mural in Downtown Park Rapids. Others are a series and a few are ongoing or will be in 2021 if they can be done safely. We also maintain this secure website.


All our efforts support our mission to promote excellence in the Arts through creation, education and performance.


For the first time, we are asking the community to help us expand opportunities for youth, artists and arts organizations in the Heartland Lakes area. Donations would add money to our Medici Fund, which provides young people with financial assistance for lessons, workshops and other arts endeavors. Contributions also would allow Heartland Arts to respond to requests such as those we have received in the past for Century School PTA field trips, the 5th-H Performing Arts Club, Park Rapids Arts and Cultural Advisory Commission and Hubbard County DAC.